From the test video we captured a forked streamer developing and in the next frame becoming a spectacular forked high current plasma channel.

Rounded Seam Toroid Test

High Voltage Research tests all the products that it produces. No matter how much computer modeling is involved in the product, high voltage has a tendency to act in different ways that the model predicts. Our rounded seam toroid was used as a top load on a robust vacuum tube Tesla coil with a staccato controller that allows changes in pulse rate and energy supplied to the streamer. We also charged the toroid with a Van de Graaff generator. In all cases it did not exhibit corona leaks and held an electrostatic charge for several hours.

On the right is a link to a video of the Tesla test in our lab. The coil produces high current streamers and it is around 30" from the break out to the ground plate above it.

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