By utilizing wood, polymers and aluminum combined with modern technology we are able to produce products that work, last and look spectacular. We specialize in prototyping and small quantity runs. Our shop is in the process of expanding to 3D printing and CNC machining of wood and polymers. We also combine digital electronics where necessary. High Voltage Research has a contracted staff of engineers with specializations in mechanical and electrical engineering.


On the left is Dr. John W. Gudenas the owner and director of High Voltage Research. Dr. Gudenas has a BS in Physics, MS in Information Science and a Ph.D. in Computer Science.

Dr. Gudenas has published in many areas and is a Professor Emeritus from his academic work, however he first explored the world of high voltage while working in High Energy Physics.

Our mission is to apply modern technology and artistic craftsmanship to old as well as new high voltage devices which are found in educational laboratories. This includes electrostatic machines, Marx generators, high frequency transformers and just useful tools, such as our non tip parts bowls.

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